Running Your Online business with Kartra

There are many different platforms that you can use to run your online business.

Many options out there are very popular such as:

  • ClickFunnels
  • LeadPages
  • WordPress

However, today we are not going to be talking about any of these platforms. Instead, we are going to be talking about a lesser-known software, called Kartra. What Kartra does it combines what many of these other tools do, all into one. 

With Kartra, you don’t have to integrate tons and tons of other software. Instead, you can just use Kartra which is a great little attribute that this software has against many other tools. 

Kartra Pricing

Now, that you know what Kartra does, I’m sure you want to have a look at well how much does this thing cost.

And, I believe you will be positively surprised when hearing about how much Kartra costs.

To get an idea, take a look at the image below.

(Source of image: Kartra 30 day trial)

As you can see, for what Kartra does, it is incredibly low-priced. Starting at $99 per month?! That’s the same price as the lowerClickFunnels plan, while doing a lot more and doing what it does better!

So, Kartra is an absolute gold mine and once you start realizing this, you sure are quickly to grab a 14 day trial. Kartra is a software that is gaining popularity in the digital marketing world due to it’s low pricing and cool features. 

Many customers from its direct competitors such as ClickFunnels are already switching to Kartra. I mean, why wouldn’t you? 

With Kartra you just get so much more. Often, even for a lower price. Even, the $99 per month plan has so many features that the $297 plan from Kartra does not have which is of course a great thing. 

Getting Started

When you want to get started, I recommend grabbing a standard 14-day trial.

Then, afterward, you can try Kartra and see whether or not, you like it enough to move your business there. Of course, you shouldn’t just move your business there for fun, first you need to do some maths.

How much money will Kartra save you? If the monthly answer is less than $30-50 then you need to consider whether or not it is worth it. Transitioning from your current software over to Kartra may take a long while. So, to be sure, you will want to do the maths AND also in the trial take a deep look at whether or not you like the software. 

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