How to Protect Yourself from Fake General Contractors

General contractors are paid a high amount depending on the project they are working on. To be one of the best contractors, they require a lot of experience and proper training. Some contractors even think that they can perceive to be a general contractor and go around taking other people’s money. They make people fool.

So, it requires more attention to choose general contractors. Some fraudulent contractors try to come up with ways to milk unsuspecting clients of more money.

Here are the ways to protect yourself from fake general protectors:-
Avoid advance payment: Never pay in advance to the contractor because it is not genuine. A real contractor doesn’t ask you for advance payment.
Do not pay via cards: there is no legitimate reason to request the payment through reloadable debit cards and gift cards.

Take some time to decide: A Notice of Cancelation must be provided by the contractor in which you have a right to change your mind within three business days of contract starts in your home.

Do proper research: fake contractors will mainly come to you to provide you service either at your doorstep, on the phone call or mail. So, never hire a contractor without a lot of research.

Demand satisfaction: never sign the papers of completion or make the final payment until the work is not completed accurately.

Written agreement: general contractors provide written contracts containing every detail about the project. It includes agreements made by the client and contractor in terms of payment, time of completion and a lot. Fake contractors will agree with all your terms in order to get the job. If there is no written agreement then it means that they are not real contractors.

So, these are the ways to protect yourself from fake and fraud contractors from the starting. Don’t hire an independent contractor without the proper research. If you find that you are working with a fake contractor then talk with an experienced lawyer to find out the legal options.

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