How To Choose the simplest Dice Bag For Your RPG Adventures

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Helpful recommendations on the way to choose the simplest dice bag. What is often said about the lowly dice bag? once I first got into tabletop RPGs, I admit that I didn’t give much thought to dice storage. It wasn’t until I started accumulating a couple of polyhedral sets of my very own that I found myself needing how to securely store and carry my dice to a buddy’s house for a day session of Dungeons & Dragons.

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Back then, there wasn’t tons of choice when it came to dice bags. At first, I kept my collection of d20’s, etc. in a sock. This wasn’t a really attractive solution mind you, but my improvised dice bag did make an efficient weapon just in case of an attack by Orc patrols (or neighborhood bullies). From the gym sock, I upgraded to a purple Crown Royal bag. If you’re an old-time RPG gamer, you recognize exactly what I’m talking about. With its gold stitching and drawstrings, it seemed that each kid some time past had a Crown Royal bag for his or her game dice.

How To Choose the simplest

Today, gamers have more choice than ever when it involves choosing a dice bag. The Crown Royal remains a viable option (especially if you would like a legit, retro look), but there are other choices out there. Here’s a couple of recommendations on selecting the simplest dice bag for your RPG adventures:

  1. Pick the proper size. Today’s dice bags are available variety of sizes, so confirm you check the measurements. you do not want one too small or overlarge for the amount of dice in your collection. As a general rule, you’ll safely store around 100 game dice during a 5-inch x 7-inch dice bag.
  2. Pick the proper Material. Dice bags are often made up of everything from leather to ring mail. That said, most dice bags produced commercially are made from cloth. Search for one made from soft velvet or with a satin lining. The reason? you would like to guard your RPG dice against scratches and nicks. Click here for dnd dice
  3. Pick the proper Design. Obviously, you would like to settle on a dice bag that appeals to your unique, individual tastes. If you are not a horror fan (or if the sight of blood causes you to queasy), you’d stand back from a Blood Dice Bag as an example. Design goes beyond the design of a bag, however. you would like a dice bag which will be safely closed. a bit like the Crown Royal bags of old, most have drawstrings which will cinch the highest closed to stop the loss of dice during transport. Final Thoughts If you would like a dice bag for your RPG games, we’ve got a pleasant selection here at Dark Elf Dice. For our blog readers, we’re also offering 10% off any dice bag through the month of July. Click here to require a glance at our catalog. If you discover something you wish, simply use the coupon code BAGGINS at the time of checkout. Until next time fellow travelers! Make each and every day an adventure.

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